Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The journey begins

My adventure with the iPads began like this...
I was walking back to my classroom after specials and I passed by the computer lab.  Our superhero tech guy asks if I am on my way to the classroom.  He pushes the iPad cart out into the hall and tells me to take it to my room.  My head starts asking questions "What are these?  Are they for me? ..." 
Once I got the cart nicely settled in my room, I tried to open the cart to take a look.  

I have been out of high school too long.

  I couldn't get the darn padlock open.  So superhero tech. guy came to my room to help me open the cart and give me a 5 minute training session.  I had to take it from there

That evening I researched blogs about  iPads in the classroom.  I didn't get very far.  Most of the information was stuff I already knew.  "Here are some really cool apps to try with your students."  Ok, cool, but where is the "Here is what you do to manage these iPads with twenty 3rd graders who are not particularly talented at following directions".  So I thought someone ought to make a blog where they track their journey with the iPads, from the practical to the technical, so that others can read and learn.  Then I thought. That someone could be me.

So here we go...

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