Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fantastic Free PD

As I told you at the start of this blog, I went in search of some website/blog/thing that could help me navigate the marvelous world of 1:1 iPads.  Technically I am not 1:1, I share with my team..
love ya team... Go Third Grade!
 the iPads live in my room so I can use them freely.  Anyway...

I kept running across blogs that said "Join Twitter" and "Twitter can help you be a better teacher"
I have never understood Twitter.  I have often thought of people who use Twitter as the type that say "Ok I'm leaving the house now"  then two minutes later "I'm in the car".  I am so not that kind of person.

Then I ran across a website that was perfect for naysayers like me.

Sue Waters taught me how to sign up for Twitter and what this # was all about.

I was sick on Monday so, just like the technology obsessed person I am,  I spent lots of time getting to know Twitter and how it works.  I basically followed Sue's directions to the tee.

While on Twitter I found these @2guysShow Brad & Drew from Two Guys and Some iPads
I watched their Podcast (first one ever) with Tony Vincent and learned a lot about iPads and apps and other stuff.

I also participated in an #edtechchat about Project Based learning where I learned about some cool apps that students can use when creating projects and the real definition of Project Based Learning.  I also learned there are LOTS of smart teachers out there.

Twitter followers can now DM you, even if you are not following them

In other words JOIN TWITTER if for nothing else than for a little extra free PD with a little fun along the way.

I am learning the importance of building my (I think they call it) PLN Personal Learning Network.

My world just got a little bigger.

Thanks to all of my new Twitter friends!

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