Friday, February 7, 2014

Logins and all that mess

Friday I asked my students to think about passwords and how we could keep track of them.  Yesterday we had a class discussion.
Here were some of the ideas that they had:

* "We could make a notes page on our ipad and put all our passwords there."
"Great thinking babe but we share the iPad cart with other students."  This prompted a great discussion about how passwords are like toothbrushes.  We don't share toothbrushes and we don't share passwords.

*"Does IPad have Word like the computers?"
"Great question darlin'.  Sorry, but no it doesn't."

We ended up printing all of our passwords and gluing then into our notebook.  Primative, I know, but it worked.  We had a little password powwow on the carpet with glue and scissors.  

Lesson learned... Have a plan for storing passwords.  There are lots of them and they need to be organized.  Make sure students understand password safety.

As a teacher my favorite way to organize passwords is an app called Master vault lock.

I use it several times a day to recall my many different and constantly changing passwords.  You can access your passwords this way through the internet too.  You just have to remember one password key (number) and all of your passwords are ready for you.

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