Saturday, February 1, 2014

Set up

It took me way too long to set up the iPads because I didn't have a computer attached to the cart so I set up each iPad individually.  Yes, I know this was the hard way.  I have a tendency of doing things the hard way.

Here is what I did for each ipad

  • I updated all of the iPads or checked for updates
  • I made a "Teacher Only" folder and put every app I didn't want students to touch into this folder.

  • I set restrictions so students could not access email, videos, or the ability to delete apps or do in app purchases.

  • I made sure the apps I wanted were on all of the iPads and I set the iPads to automatic downloads of apps.
  • I set up individual apps for logins as required.
  • I made folders to organize the apps

  • I set the background to student numbers.  I just googled the number found a cute picture and set it to the background.

I hope this gives you some ideas about how to set up your iPads.  It took me some time but I got it done. 

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