Thursday, February 20, 2014

What is a script and what do teachers do on a snow day?

In answer to the first question, what is a Google script, I have no idea.  However, I have learned how to use one.

In answer to the second question, what does a teacher do on a snow day, here you go.
Step 1: Build a snowman with your kids.  

Step 2: give your children hot chocolate.

Step 3: While they are watching Ice Age to help them warm up, hop on the computer and do a little self PD.  In another post, I spoke about the power of Twitter for free PD.  Check it out.

On my snow day, I learned about all of the cool things that Google Apps for Education can do for you.

Today I would like to talk about  Flubaroo. Flubaroo is a script available on Google drive that will grade tests for you.  Mind blown.  I have no clue how this thing works but here is how I used it.

First I made a quiz using Google forms.  I've played with Google forms before so I am fairly familiar with them.

After creating my quiz, I had my family test it.  I found out that this was very important because when you use Flubaroo you make your own "key" by taking the quiz yourself.  This makes short answer questions difficult because different students may use different words and spelling does count.

We returned to school on Monday and on Tuesday I gave my students the quiz on their iPads (After the painstaking process of adding it to the home screen of every iPad individually.  I know there is a better way but I haven't figured it out yet.)

When all the students were done taking their quiz.  I went into my plant quiz responses spread sheet that Google drive created from the form, added Flubaroo script and ran Flubaroo.  This video will explain better than I can.

My buddy and I teach all of third grade science and social studies so imagine how much help this will be in grading.  I also found out that like any spreadsheet, you can sort your data.  Here is what my data looked like the first time they took the quiz (you can run Flubaroo over and over again, so students can retake quizzes very easily).  I know the grades don't look so good.  I chalked that up to it being the first time they took a quiz on the iPad and gave them another try.

One of the questions that I asked my students told me clearly how they felt about taking the quiz on the iPad.  That's enough for this tech crazy teacher.

Well, now you know what teachers do on a snow day.  

-happy tekkin'

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