Friday, May 1, 2015

#edblogaday Day 1 or Why every teacher should blog.

I took the challenge from #edblogaday to write a blog post every day for the month of May.

Today's topic is "Why is blogging important to teaching and learning?"

Ok so lets split this question up and answer one part at a time (just like I teach my students).

Blogging is important to teaching because it connects teachers in a way never before possible. Over and over again, while I was a preservice teacher, I would hear teachers say "I'm just going to close my door and teach". There is a time and a place for that but when we teach that way all the time, we end up feeling alone and isolated. Someone who feels alone and isolated often becomes embittered and grumpy and.....burnt out. Blogging connects us to the reason we teach. It revitalizes our passion and it helps us to accomplish our ultamate goal, to get students ready to live and thrive in this world (not the world we grew up in).

Blogging is important to learning because it forces the teacher to learn with the student. Blogging and reading the blog's of others help us to research and problem solve, which is exactly what we want our students to be able to do. When we blog (and teach our students to blog) it connects our students to a bigger world than we can give them within the four walls of our classroom. It helps us to hone in on specific strategies that work with our learners to teach our objectives. Blogging gives us purpose for teaching and it gives our students purpose for learning.

Every teacher should blog.  Every student should blog.  Learning should be shared.

My students know that I try to blog at least once a month, and because I blog once a month, they are required to blog once a month.  They are still at the beginning stages of blogging.  They type their text, edit and click publish.  My dream is for them to be able to comment and receive comments on their learning and writing not only from their teacher and classmates but also from other learners and teachers around the world.  How amazing would that be.  My class uses Kidblog.   If you are looking for a blogging platform for kids I would highly recommend kidblog.

I would like to end each #edblogaday with a Student Wahoo!

Today's Wahoo goes out to J. 

I have been working with my students on Meta-cognition "Thinking about their thinking".  I gave them this graphic organizer to record their thinking for the day.  J. took it and ran with it.  I had to give her extra paper.  Wahoo J.!  If you would like a copy of this organizer click here.

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