Monday, May 11, 2015

#edblogaday Day 11: Why is it important to ask better questions?

I was working with my students on Edmodo today.  I wanted to use it as a backchannel for them to ask questions they had while I was working in small group.  Some got it and some didn't.  The best question I got was...

What made this a good question.

  • It was detailed
  • It included some of the authors own thinking, whether stated overtly or implied
We need to keep this in mind not only when we have our students ask questions but also when we ask questions.  Especially if the question is geared toward improving student learning.

Good Question

Is homework helpful to students?

Better Question

Are written responses, assigned for home reading, helpful for improving reading comprehension?

Asking better questions leads to better results.  Think about this not only when you are asking others questions but also when you are asking questions of yourself.  Think about this when you are reflecting on your own practice.

Our students deserve the best.  If we are going to ask them to ask better questions then we need to ask better questions.

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