Saturday, May 23, 2015

#edblogaday Day 23- Sometimes you just have to show off

My sister teaches dance.  She (and her kids) get to show off their learning at the end of the year dance recital.  Every class gets on stage, dressed to the nines, and they demonstrate the hardest, cutest, and most complicated dance moves to a loud piece of music.  Sounds like fun!

My students show off their learning by sitting silently in rows and bubbling in answers to question on an answer sheet.  Not fun!

When my students make something great, I want to show it off.  I want parents and others to stand and cheer and ask for an encore.  Demonstrating learning should be fun and exciting.

I went to an academic version of a dance recital on Thursday this week, the Pinnacle Student Showcase.  I  was amazed by what these students could do, from kindergarten to high-school.   It was very evident that learning was happening and the students had so much fun showing off their learning.  I will get to participate in this showcase next year.  I can't wait to show off my student learning.

My son experiencing Green Screen

This student taught us how we could use green screen to teach almost anything.  Yes he used that wording "teach".  He was talking about how he used green screen to teach the parts of a flower and how to solve a math problem.  

The picture is hard to see but that is a sock puppet.  High-schoolers are using sock puppets to "teach" literary devices.  The teacher told me that since he has started using sock puppets, students are not afraid to look silly or make mistakes.  And yes these are high-schoolers.

Ok now it is my turn to show off.  My students have been "test prepping" for days.  I was dog tired of passages and word problems.  So yesterday we rotated through several stations.  One of my stations was a chormebook station where I taught the students how to login to StoryBird (one of the things I learned about at the Student Showcase, a 2nd grader taught me) and instructed them to "just write whatever you want" (school appropriate of course).

One of my most shy students wrote this book.  Please ignore the spelling mistake at the end and think about what he is sharing about himself.  I learned more about him from this book than anything he has ever said or done.

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