Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#edblogaday Day 5: Off topic My first edcamp

Today I went to my very first EdCamp and I loved it.

If you're not sure what an EdCamp is, check out this video.

This was my first Pinnacle (technology leadership) event and I was so excited to attend.  I was glad they let us invite a friend.  I brought my good 5th grade buddy with me.  I attended two sessions.  One was about B.Y.O.D and the other was about writing/vocabulary integration in technology.  My buddy attended a different second session.  I can't wait till we have a chance to chat about what she learned.

In B.Y.O.D I learned

  • kids are going to make bad choices... the end... you may as well prepare for it
  • allow kids to take the responsibility of their learning including deciding what app to use
  • allow students to do what they are going to do anyway (tweet) and use it to your advantage
    • one teacher (highschool) created a # for her class and her students # notes.  she takes a participation grade based on their tweets
    • she said the students compete for who can tweet the coolest fact/note/whatever
    • recommended "today's meet" or google classroom for elementary "tweeting"
  • be clever when sharing devices
  • kids will take pictures of the homework-notes-anchor charts... let them
  • think what you want students to produce rather than what you want them to produce it on.

In writing/vocabulary integration I learned

  • middle and highschool teachers NEED us (elementary teachers) to teach students to annotate text
  • diigo and read&write for google are good tools to use but they each have their own weaknesses
  • you can use doctopus and goobric with google classroom (wow didn't know that)
  • use storify to help students who need help in writing a complete cohesive story
  • use/create fill in the blank notes and sentence starters to help students who don't have the vocabulary to write about a particular topic or in a particular format
  • one I just thought about on my own...we were talking about giving students a word bank... Would it be possible to create a web-based word bank in google presentations or docs that a student could access all year

To sum up... EdCamp is the BEST PD ever.  Not boring, lots of information, learning what you want to learn, not a waste of time.........

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