Saturday, May 9, 2015

#edublogaday Day 9: Best Teacher Appreciation Week ever

What's your big take away from Teacher Appreciation Week?

Here is my take away.  Its all about how you perceive the Appreciation.  

I have never had such a fantastic teacher appreciation week.  I am truly blessed to work at my school.  I have gotten all kinds of cool things; doughnuts, jeans passes, ice cream, catered duty free lunch, a cool emergency phone charging thingy, goody bags, and a gift card. Yet it's not the things that have made me feel appreciated.  It is having a voice that makes me feel appreciated.  It is being recognized as someone who tries hard that makes me feel appreciated.  It's the homemade ice cream given to the cafeteria first thing in the morning by a student who didn't want it to melt so she could give it to her teacher at lunch.  It's the "Mrs. Cissel I want you to be my teacher next year."  It's the "Hey Mrs. Cissel" from a kid at Walmart that I know I've never seen before.  I feel appreciated because I notice the things that inspired me to become a teacher in the first place.

I didn't become a teacher for the little goodies.  I didn't become a teacher for the paycheck. 

 I became a teacher so that what little wisdom I have can be passed on.

  I became a teacher to teach and when I have done that all week long.  It is a great week.

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