Saturday, June 20, 2015

"I'm not too excited, It's just Enthusiasm"

One day my principal called my teammate and I into her office to meet a guy who was showing us a new tech. tool.  In the process of him explaining what it did I let out a excited squeal and literally jumped in the air.  My teammate and principal gave me a look that said "there she goes again, getting too excited".  I have received that look on many occasions.  I can't help getting excited.  I love cool things that help my students learn.  I get Christmas morning giddiness when presented with some new tech tool to use in the classroom.  I have been known to stand on chairs and sing at students.  I dance even though I can't.  Why because I am enthusiastic about what I do.

Some people don't like my enthusiasm.  They give me looks and tell me to calm down.   I feel really embarrassed when this happens.  My cheeks get red and hot and I try to smile it away.  My enthusiasm immediately burns out.   Sometimes I think they are right.  That I should calm down and chill out. This is why I work with children. They have no problem with my enthusiasm.

God gave me this enthusiasm for a reason.  My students need it.  They need someone who gets excited about their learning so that they can get excited about their learning.  They need a teacher who will holler with them, laugh with them, get a little too loud with them and dance with them.

Today I read a great blog post about enthusiasm.  It reminded me that I do not need to calm down and chill out.  I should "never lose my enthusiasm" even if others think I am crazy.  If my craziness helps students learn, so be it.

Thank you @CSmithGoBlue for the inspiration for this blog.  Check his out.

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