Monday, June 15, 2015

Pinnacle 20 Day 1: My goals as a new Pinnacle leader?

I am so excited to be a part of Pinnacle.  For those who get irritated when bloggers just throw things out there, Pinnacle is a group set up by my district to train and develop technology leaders in the classroom, in their schools and beyond.

I have been learning on my own for a while, it will be nice to learn with others.  Today was a great day.  I got new toys to play with (an iPad and a laptop), I met some new people (some just as crazy as me).  It was nice to feel accepted in a room devoid of naysayers and negative thinkers.

We were asked at the end of the day to answer this question:

What are my goals as a new Pinnacle leader?

Here are my goals (update: I started with 5 goals, that is way to many, I need to target my goals so they are more achievable.  I also added a Star Trek theme cause I'm a geek)

Pinnacle, the technology frontier. These are the voyages of the tech geek Cissel.  Her 3-year mission: to explore strange new strategies, to seek out new learning and new ways of teaching, to boldly go where no teacher has gone before.

Goal 1: to explore strange new strategies: I will try it out even though it is crazy, different, and colleagues  may raise their eyebrows at me.

Goal 2: to seek out new learning and new ways of teaching: I will be proactive in seeking new ways of doing things.  I will challenge myself not to teach the way I have always taught because my students do NOT learn the way students have always learned.

Goal 3: to boldly go where no teacher has gone before.:  I will be bold, sharing my explorations with others and daring others to take the journey with me.


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