Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pinnacle 20 day 2: My brain is getting fuller (is fuller a word?)

Today we were on a desert island.
We made cube puzzles

We explored Minecraft worlds.

We were animators.

Here are my random thoughts about the day...
  • Kids love games
  • Video first then image (Green Screen app)
  • Project based learning- Have kids solve real world problems like making their playground safer.
  • Have students watch video tutorials before you start a new tool.  Basically flipped technology.  
One of the things that wasted the most time this year was getting students set up in a certain website or program.  If I used the flipped model and assign signing up and watching tutorials the day or so before we use.  Even if some students don't watch the tutorials, this would create student tutors who could help get students set up and save time.

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