Thursday, July 9, 2015

"Hanx Writer"-This app takes you back in time

I am typing this post with a great app my husband discovered
called "Hanx writer".  I am taken back to a time when my father 
let me use his type writer to write my report for school.  This 
app has it all right.  The clicks are just as hypnotizing as 
they were back then.  I can feel the vibration of solid keys 
under my fingers.  The darn thing keeps dinging at me when I
get to the end of the line.  This is awesome.

Ok so what about students.  Wouldn't this be an awesome thing
to show them when we are comparing time periods.  This would 
be a great tool to pull out when we hit the doldrums before Christmas and before spring break.  Students with sensory seeking needs will be thrilled with all the sounds, feelings and 
movement this app provides.

I have discovered some disappointments:
1. You can only type on the introduction page unless you buy the app.
2. You can upload to google drive but it includes the introduction Mr. Hanks writes.  My students would be frustrated by this.
3.  The "Writer's Block Bundle" (in app purchase) costs 4.99.  No big deal if you are just getting it for one iPad, but it is a big deal if you are getting it for 20 iPad's.

Overall though, I am pleased.  I know this isn't meant to be an educational app but the innovator in me sees a lot of educational implications.  

Bravo, Tom Hanks!  I can't wait to share this with my students.

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