Saturday, November 28, 2015

How I've used QR codes in my classroom

QR codes are indispensable  I would say that QR codes are the "tech integrated classroom's" most important tool.  Below is a list of how I have used QR codes in the classroom.

1) A way to distribute assignments and directions when I have no voice.

I went through about two weeks where I had little to no voice.  On the days my voice was the worst, I put directions on QR codes.  I sorted the QR codes on my desk (yes I stayed in my desk, I felt awful).  The students worked in pairs and when they were finished with one task, I gave them another.  It worked very well.

2) A quick way to share a link to a website or activity.

I made a game spinner for a math game on  I shared the spinner link using a QR code generated on my computer using "The QR Extension"  from Google.  The students used their IPads and scanned the QR code and began learning without time wasted clicking through links and/or typing websites.


3) A motivational tool.

I add QR code "surprises" to books in my classroom library.  They are just little youtube videos that the students are allowed to watch if they make a 100% on their AR test. 

4) A way to get information to parents.

This QR code was attached to conference sign-up sheets.  The parents scanned the code and that opened a Google Form for the parents to fill out and request a conference.

These are a few ways I use QR codes in my classroom.  I will add more to this post as I get more ideas.  Please feel free to add comments on how you use QR codes in your classroom.

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