Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Step into Harry Potter's World- One of my favorite teacher moments EVER!

This month our focus was on Characters and visualizing.  My anchor text was Maniac Magee but I used a lot of Harry Potter too.  Why?  Because I love Harry Potter.  You can teach so much with Harry Potter (and almost all of the kids have seen the movie, and because the end of the month was Halloween).


To teach visualization I used this blendspace.    The screens 11-13 demonstrated to students how Harry's speech to his classmates about the Patronus charm can add to our work on visualization.

After this lesson I taught a lesson on Character traits using Hermione Granger from Harry Potter as my example.

This all leads me to Friday when I had one of my favorite teaching moments of all time. Well maybe not teaching but teacher moments.

My students spent the last two days preparing for their final character project.  They drew a picture of their character, wrote a script, and created a Chatterpix.
I even had one student create a chatterpix of Harry Potter.

I decided that my wrap up would have to be a little more intense than that.  I came to school as if it were just a normal day.  Little did my students know I had a trick up my sleeve.  I wrote on the board; Plan A-Normal Day  Plan B- Surprise.  I told my students all day that they would love plan B but they had to get it together and keep it under control.  They started out a little rough but they got it back together so at about 1:30 I put my Plan B into action.

I put on a brain break from GoNoodle.  I made sure the students were well in control and enjoying their break.  I opened the closet door (which hid me from view).  I took out the braids that I had worn in my hair, slipped on a graduation robe and grabbed my broom.  When the brain break was over I used my iPad (and bluetooth) to start playing the Harry Potter theme.  Then Hermione Granger (me of course) walked out of the closet.  There was a collective scream/holler (I didn't think I would scare them but I did scare them a little I guess because they weren't expecting it.  I then directed them to the Google classroom assignment I prepared that took them to the Scholastic Harry Potter website and Pottermore.  We spent the next 30 minutes exploring Harry Potters world.  It was SOOO much fun.  I had the time of my life and the kids did too.

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  1. The chatterpix is soooooo amazing! I love your Harry Potter transformation, it sounds like the best end to the school day ever!


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