Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let's get caught up.

  It's time to refresh and update this blog.

Many new things have happened since the last time we spoke:

  • I got a new job close to home (35 miles closer).
  • I moved up a grade level
  • I switched from iPads to Chromebooks
The switch from iPads to Chromebooks has been interesting.  There are a lot of things that I miss about my iPads, but, true to my nature I jumped in with two feet and learned as much as I can about the chrome books and I love them.

I have found more success using assessment tools like Socrative.  We have started blogging using Kidblog.  I am assigning work using Google Classroom.  We check in and return classroom library books using Classroom Organizer.  We research science and social studies objectives using Discovery Education.

I am hopefully going to be starting a new journey soon.  I have applied to become a Pinnacle teacher.  Pinnacle teachers are technology leaders in their schools, their district and even their state.  I have come most of the way through the application process and I am anxiously awaiting the decision of those in charge who are deciding whether I am worthy.

Update:  I made it!  I am a Pinnacle Teacher!  I can't wait to get started and don't worry, I'll share everything I've learned.

So let's get this journey started once again with a word from Jean Luc Picard

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