Saturday, August 1, 2015

About Me Video-Making a video about yourself is hard.

The Pinnacle assignment for the month of July was to app-smash our way to an introductory video/presentation that we could use to introduce ourselves to our new class this year.

The app-smashing was great!  I loved finding new ways to doctor up pictures.  My daughter even helped me out with this fantastic smash using Pic collage, Skitch and Ballons +

It is really awesome to be able to add other things to pictures and videos.  The possibilities are almost endless.  Just think about what you want to do to a photo and then find an app to do it.

Ok so the app-smashing was great...the video recording...not so great. I had a really hard time.  Even when I wrote a script, I still stumbled.  This is going to take some practice.  I used an app called ExplainEverything.  I was learning as I was creating.  I didn't really understand all of the features.  I need to learn and practice a little more with this app before I can make amazing videos to share with my students.

On second thought, maybe this is the perfect video because it shows students that they do not have to be perfect, they can try new things and get better every time.

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